New Home Noise [ 2005-12-14, 9:32 p.m. ]

After several days of moving furniture in freezing temperatures, lugging boxes from room to room, sporadic unpacking for necessary items (Hello toilet paper and towels!) and setting up new appliances, we found ourselves completely and utterly exhausted. We decided that the best way to battle our exhaustion was to give into it by settling in downstairs for a movie break in what will, eventually, become our game room. For now, though, it is just a box-filled mess plus one old sofa and a tiny ass TV. About mid-movie, we hear a thumping noise and hit pause to take a closer listen. We hoped hitting a button on a remote and looking at each other quizzically would be all of the effort we would have to put into our noise sleuthing but that didn’t quite cut it. The thump-thump-thump was going to require actually lifting our asses off the couch. After stopping the dryer, it is obvious that the noise is coming from above. With dual groans, we climb the staircase to find the dog chewing away at his bone and causing it to slap the floor in the process. Assured that we won’t be attacked by a strange dog bone, we trudge our way back downstairs to finish our movie, after which, we decide to head out to the garage for a quick smoke. (We have decided not to smoke in our home and figure that should be an easy enough rule to follow as we are going to quit very soon….ha ha ha ha.) Standing there doing our post-mortem of War of the Worlds, we hear another noise…

Is that the dryer?
No, we turned it off.
The washer?
I didn’t fill it.
What is that?
It sounds like a helicopter.
And a plane.
Shh…listen. It’s both.
No way. Out here?
The local airport is close.
We have a local airport?…Interesting. Have you ever seen that commercial? You know…with the guy in front of the gorgeous house, talking about the virtue of finding a good real estate agent and then out of nowhere a plane flies right over the top of his house?
***Now we find ourselves in silence...seeking out sounds to test our newfound noise deciphering abilities on...***
Is that geese?
It is geese.
Isn’t it too cold for geese?
Very odd. All kinds of interesting noises tonight. What the hell are we going to hear next?
Hmm…What will we hear next?


Nice baby, very nice. At least I won’t ever have to explain to people why I fell in love with you. (That was perfectly timed, by the way.)

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